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Google Pay-Per-Click Tricks For More Traffic Now

Despite the increased popularity of social media and content marketing Google Pay-Per-Click advertising still remains one of the preferred choices of savvy marketers in search of immediate, consistent and high volumes of web traffic.

The bottom line is if you want sales and revenues you can count on you need to have Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns as one of your core marketing strategies. Unfortunately, if you have tried PPC advertising for yourself in the past there is a good chance that you have found it frustrating, time consuming and far less effective than you imagined. This isn’t because Google Pay-Per-Click doesn’t work, it is because it takes strategy and a few expert techniques to really see results.

So what are some of the tricks you can use to get more traffic right away, without spending $100 a click of course?

1. The ‘G-word’ Tool For Daily Clicks
Going after keywords with vast amounts of monthly search volume is OK, but there are a number of factors that will affect your daily results. So perhaps you should be putting more focus on using Google’s keyword tool for checking your ‘Estimated Daily Clicks’ before launching your Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

2. Toll Free Numbers
Some organizations are seeing incredible results in terms of high click rates and traffic from obtaining domain names which match their toll free numbers and using those in their Google Pay-Per-Click ads. This delivers instant credibility and makes your ads much more trusted than the competition.

3. Increase Your Ads
Some businesses are not seeing results because they simply just aren’t running enough ads and utilizing enough different keywords. As opposed to just raising your bids try branching out running more ads which direct to your different pages and services. You shouldn’t be working with a handful of ads, more like dozens or hundreds. You can still cap your spending, you are just increasing your traffic.

Finally work on targeting your ads and honing in on keywords with the most commercial value so that the traffic you do get results in revenues.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well it may take up a good number of hours a month if you try to do it yourself but by utilizing our outsourced Google Pay-Per-Click Management solutions you can begin ramping up your traffic right away and start reeling in real revenues.

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